Charming Boy Hates 'goodbyes' As He Stalls His Daddy By Saying 'I love you' For 3 Minutes!

Most fathers sacrifice their time at their work so that they could provide for the family. Working in an office is not easy, plus the fact that whenever they go to work, their time with their families are lessen.

But watch how this father could not leave his son for work. As he was about to go to work the charming Carlton goes to his daddy saying 'I Love You, Daddy'. Then the father went to his card and the child bid 'Bye bye, Daddy!'.

But Carlton could not help himself to exchange his 'I love Yous' with his loving father. He went back to the driveway and he walked towards his father. 

Then the daddy came out of the car and gave him another tight hug for daddy to bring and inspire throughout his day!

Source: YouTube

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