Controversial Thai-German Couple Who Was Captured Holding Hands Are Now Happily Married!

Recently, the couple who is consisted of a Thai and a German had became the topic of the social media when their photo went viral online. They were holding hands in the subway when someone captured their photo. 

The couple are now newly weds as they share a lovely wedding celebration at Aachen, Germany last Saturday. 

The creative director of a modeling agency Nararuj 'Mond' Kaendi posted their wedding photos together with his hot boyfriend, Thorsten Middlehof. They decided to get married after 'Mond' got judged and humiliated for no reason over the social media sites. 

Mond was criticized when people claim that he has no right to be in a relationship with a gorgeous man, because of his average looks. This may have been a rant of someone who is jealous of others. 

He also state that the photos were taken by a woman who was secretly filming them under her skirt. It was a violation of their privacy but what was more hurtful is the caption that said ''I’ll have to make my face ugly [to get a hot white guy].'"

But now, they are happily married enjoying the company of each other. And even the bashers online could stop them from expressing their love for each other.

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