This Disabled Man Sells 'Sampaguita' In The Streets. But Why? His Reason Will Surely Make You Cry!

There is something wrong towards the people live. The young and healthy people choose to be bad people making crimes such as robbery and theft even though they are capable of working a decent job to earn a living while the disabled people are looking for better ways to earn money that comes from good. 

This might be the result of poverty, people are looking for easy ways to earn money. But not this man!

Despite the fact that he can only walk around with the help of his crutches, he still continues to sell 'Sampaguita' on the streets under the pouring rain. 

This is his way of showing others that you can still earn good money if you wanted to.

His disability was not a reason to back down from life and for providing for his whole family. For a small amount of money, he sacrifices for them. 

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