Ella Cruz Released Her New Sizzling Hot Dance Cover Of Sorry That Goes Viral Online!

Ella Cruz became a phenomenal star after she uploaded her dance covers online. She was often seen in television shows but the people noticed her skills in dancing when she uploaded the videos. 

She was known for her covers of the songs, 'Twerk It Like Miley' and 'Dessert' which became one of the most watched videos online. 

Her captivating moves captured the hearts of the viewers who claims that they could not get over Ella's insane moves. 

Now, their idol finally uploads another video. She danced to the tune of 'Sorry'. She was not alone in this dance cover. Ella danced with the professional dancers namely Diane and Macky Quiobe. 

Macky was the man behind the choreography of this stunning dance moves of Ella Cruz. 

Source: ExtremeReaders

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