Ellen DeGeneres Invites AlDub To Her Show!

The achievements of the tandem Alden and Maine Mendoza was undeniably unbelievable. Since they were first seen together, they are now inseparable.

First, they filled up Philippine Arena with the wide number of supporters. Then, they broke the world record for gaining more than 41 million tweets using the Hashtag of #AlDubTamangPanahon.

Now, there are rumors that  the love team was invited by Ellen DeGeneres to guest on her show or to be interviewed at least.
Photo Credit: ExtremeReaders

But there is no proof that this invitation was real. The AlDub nation was surprised and happy for the achievements of their idol.

However, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza won't be seen in the show anytime soon. They are too busy with the projects that was piled up for them for the next couple of years.

The netizens claim that they were thrilled and excited by the news and hopes that the Eat Bulaga management would find time for the invitation to the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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