He Asked A Him Favor To Watch Over His Car..But Then A Hot Woman Came By. What Happened Next Was Shocking!

A hot woman could be a distraction in what you do  especially if they are beautiful and pretends as if they dropped something in front of you. Who would not be distracted with that?

Josh Paler Lin prepared a wonderful prank to show the world how quick a hot woman could get the attention of a man. 

Josh starts off the prank by asking a gentleman to look after his gadgets such as cellphone, laptop and  a car. He claims that he will just be  doing something real quick. 

After the agreed that they will be looking after the gadget, a hot woman will 'accidentally' drop a bunch of newspapers. The men immediately showed that they would help her. 

But as they were helping Amanda, the belongings of Josh were taken by another man. All of the victims' attention were focused on Amanda that they did not even saw a thing on what happened with Josh's belongings. 

Source: JoshPalerLin

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