At First Look, I Thought It Was A Stack Of Dry Leaves.. But When I Zoomed In, It Was An Incredible Beauty!

At first sight, you may think that this picture is just a bunch of dried leaves that was piled up on the ground after the last fall. 

But if you pay a closer attention to the details of these photos it will surely take your breath away.

These photos were taken in the North America, these were a group of monarch butterflies that was making a southward migration. It usually happens during August. When the first frost happens these butterflies, makes a southward migration, then goes back to the northward migration.

Despite the fact, that they were traveling in large groups. They don't make it through the whole journey because their life span is not as long as their journey would take. 

Their offspring will continue the journey that they have started. They do this every year.

Source: WereBlog

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