She Was Alone When He First Met Her. But It Turned Out That There Was Something More!

She Was Alone When He First Met Her

This young boy was wandering beside the lake when he suddenly spotted a beautiful girl, who happens to be swimming alone in the lake.

As soon as he saw her, it's like he believed in fairytale for the very first time. It was like a love at first sight, and he thought that they might have their own happy ending.

Charlie claims that he was starstruck when he saw the woman alone in the lake. Because of that, he sketched her using a pencil and a notebook. He then requested to meet her the next day.

But as he was on his way out of the place, a mysterious farmer warned him to never come back that place again. The following day, they met again and everything became a little more romantic.

The woman then requested him for something that could change his life forever! 

Posted by Pinoy Dubsmash on Thursday, November 5, 2015
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