From Being a Housemaid And Nanny, This Filipina Is Now The CEO and Founder Of Her Own International Company! Inspiring!

There had been a lot of stories of how a hard working person was able to achieve their dreams by doubling out their efforts and dedication. 

Now, another inspiring story of a 48-year old Filipina named Rebecca Bustamante will surely make you want to work harder. 

After her endless hours of work this woman who used to work as a housemaid and a nanny is now the founder and the president of Charles Associates.

“I was never ashamed to accept any job available to me because I had a goal to be rich, for myself and more importantly for my family,” She claimed. 

Rebecca pushed herself to finish college. 

In 1986, she needed to work in Singapore as a domestic helper to provide for her family. And she had the chance to work as a nanny in Canada.

After four years of studying, she got a degree in Accounting and Marketing at the Ryerson University in Ontario.

Since then, she was able to pursue all her dreams!

Source: GMA Network

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