He Owns The First And Only Farm Of Cockroaches! Check This Out!

Seeing a cockroach terrifies anyone, especially if it is flying as if it is a beautiful insect everywhere and you do not know where or when it is going to land. 

But if you are already scared of a single cockroach, what would you do if you were taken in China where a family has their own farm of cockroaches?

It is the first and only cockroach farm in the world. Based on the report by CNN News, the man from China claims that he stores more than a million cockroaches in his farm. They are lurking everywhere in the room. 

But that is not all, aside from selling the cockroaches, the family was already feeding off from these roaches. It is like a delicacy to them. This man even allows his daughter to eat these cockroaches.

This is definitely what we would call a dirty job.
Posted by KALB News Channel 5 on Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Source: KALB News

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