Hundreds Of People Died In A Terrorist Attack In Paris, Concert Goers Are Held In A Hostage Crisis! Terrifying!

An unfortunate incident took place in Paris which led to the announcement that France is under the National State of Emergency. 

In Paris, many people's lives ended after a terrorist attack happened. It was supposed to be a night of fun and excitement as the crowds cheer for the game between France and Germany. 

But it turned into a tragic event as several explosions was heard outside the arena. The people were asked to gather inside the stadium. 

Terror Unites Paris #PrayforParis
Parisians are opening their doors and offering places to stay after tonight’s tragedies #PrayForParis
Posted by NowThis on Friday, November 13, 2015

Meanwhile, another attack happened at the Bataclan Concert Hall several lives were taken as the gunmen fired shots and took the concert goers in a hostage scene. 

After the incident, the citizens are now offering shelter to those who does not have anywhere to go to. Even taxi drivers are giving free rides to safely bring home the people.

Let us pray for the safety of Paris and the whole France!

Survivors are being cared for following a hostage situation that left over 100 people dead in Paris
Posted by NowThis on Friday, November 13, 2015

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