Jam Sebastian Was Spotted In A Photo Taken By Brother Yexel In A Mall Show! CREEPY!

Last March 4, the devastating news exploded when the internet sensation Jam Sebastian passed away after being diagnose with stage 4 lung cancer. 

The fans mourned along with Jam's family. His girlfriend Paolinne 'Mich' Liggayu was there to show her support for the loved one. But unfortunately, love was not enough to keep Jam breathing. 

But now, a photo had been circulating over the social media sites saying that Jam was spotted in one of the selfies that were taken by his brother Yexel Sebastian. 

The original photo was taken during the mall show of Yexel's girlfriend, Mikee Agustin. After taking a closer look at the photo, Yexel claims that he found Jam Sebastian in the audience. 

Yexel said that even if the person is just a man who looks like Jam, he could feel and see the image and presence of his brother through this man. 

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