Jobert Sucaldito Was Disrespected By AlDub Fans But Insisted That AlDub is 'Kababawan'!

Once again, Jobert Sucaldito speaks up his mind about the AlDub Fans who are still bashing him for the statements that he released. 

He claims that some of the fans of AlDub are consistently leaving a message on his account boasting that they have filled the Philippine Arena. 

Jobert still insisted that the team up of Maine and Alden had a lucky strike and perfect timing. It is their time, but it does not change his opinion when he thinks that they are 'fad and shallow'.

He insisted that this has nothing personal to do with Maine and Alden but he needs to defend himself with the negative feedback that the AlDub fans are giving to him.

The fans have disrespected him and it is the time to speak about it. He claims that even if the nation fills the Pacific Ocean with their supporters, he wouldn't care at all. 

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