Furious Netizens Angered As Kim Chiu Was Treated As VIP During Voting Registration! Shocking Footage Here!

In a satellite registration booth located in Marikina, an enraged man filmed the incident that happened during the voting registration. 

The people had been waiting in line for quite some time, but suddenly Kim Chiu appeared to get herself registered. 

This man was pissed off by how the COMELEC Officials accommodated her quickly. It seemed as if she was in the VIP Lane. 

The complainant was named as Fred L. He showed how dismayed he was with what happened during the registration. 

Some of the officials even started taking photos of Kim abandoning their duties. The netizens were angered by this incident. 

But there are some who claims that it was not Kim Chiu's fault that the officials prioritized her.

Source: YouTube

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