This Man Pours Expandable Foam Into This Ugly Junky Scrap Of Car! The Results? It Was Stunning!

A man turned his old junky scrap car into a luxurious sports car using an expandable foam. 

In Lituania, a man has a an old Mercedes-Benz CLK Class and after a few experimentation and sculpting he was able to turn it into a beautiful car. 

Then he puts on the expandable foam into the exterior of the car. Once it is already set, he would grab his tools for the carving on the outside.

He gently sculpts the desired shape of the car to make it more appealing to the eyes. After making a masterpiece for the exterior of the car. It is time to put time and effort to make a good interior. 

He repeats the process for the interior of the car. 

Check out the finished product of the car here. Who would have thought that this would turn into a marvelous masterpiece!

Source: Reddit / Geeky_

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