He Will Show You How To Get Your Crush By Teasing Her On Facebook!

Courting is one of the most difficult stages when it comes to pursuing the love of your life. You have to make them feel that you are worthy of their love and trust. 

Back in the days courting includes getting water from the well up to the house or even gathering some woods. Creating romantic letters is also one of the things that you should be good at. But today, the technology provided different ways on how they could court a girl. 

A man named Anthony Ricarro used Facebook to constantly message the love of his life named Oti Bartolo. He was just fooling and teasing her all day. 

Until a surprising news appeared on their news feed. They got into a relationship with the sick courting skills that this man possesses. Netizens claim that they were fascinated with how smoothly the courting was done.

Source: Facebook

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