This Man Walked Around The Street Wearing A Suit Full Of Money. What The People Did Will Really Shock You!

Social Experiments are created to see how people would react towards a given situation. It is a test on whether they would use their own guts in a scenario. 

One of many men who creates unbelievable social experiments is Coby Persin and he uploads it on his official YouTube account.

For the test, he used a suit and attach money to the suit. Then he grabbed a sign that says 'Take What You Need'. Surprisingly, the people who do not really need the money are taking it just because they saw that someone is giving it away. Some are going to use it for a nail appointment while others are carrying a real expensive bag. 

But when Coby went to a homeless man with his dog, he was shocked when the man took only 2 dollars, which he will be needing to buy food for his dog and himself. 

It can be seen that the people who have not experienced what it is to have nothing will never know how to value every little thing.

Source: CobyPersin

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