Mich Liggayu Stars In A One-Of-A-Kind Show For Her Much-Awaited Comeback In Showbiz!

Mich Liggayu was nominated for the 2015  Globe Tattoo Awards. With over 10 million  followers on Facebook, 1.3M on Twitter,  618 thousand subscribers on YouTube and  388 thousand followers on Instagram, Mich  Liggayu is truly one of the remaining  original international cyber celebrity in  the Philippines.

She is the star of their own channel on  JaMichTV and also the star of TV5's  WattPad Presesnts. She even made several  guestings on the TV Shows such as Eat  Bulaga, Jessica Soho, It's Showtime. ASAP  20 and Gandang Gabi Vice.

And now, in her own interactive concert  tour called 'iDOLTap Presents!' Mich  Liggayu once again makes it to the  headlines of the news.

All of her supporters were there on her  side and witnessed the traumatic events  that almost became the reason for her to  retire from show business. But the hard  work and efforts would be wasted if she  would just turn her back from her career.

For the first time after she lost her  long time partner, Mich Liggayu sets off  a screaming crowd and a record breaking  Mall Tour at the SM San Matero for the  iDOLTap Cyber Friends Mall Tour.

Photo Credit: Idol-tap

After that successful show, Mich Liggayu  was invited by iDOLTap to star in the new  show called 'iDOLTap Presents!' which  will be launched at SM Cinema North EDSA  on the 17th of November. It is a one-of- a-kind show that no one has ever seen  before. It will bring you a new type of  interactive experience. It includes live  performers along with interactive video  performances that will amaze the audience  and give them a lot to talk about! It's  going to be a fun adventure that is safe  for all ages. Tickets for the 'iDOLTap  Presents! Can be bought at SMTickets.com  and at the Counter of ANY SM Cinema  Ticket.

Photo Credit: Mich Liggayu IPhone App

iDOLTap started off as a mobile app which  is designed for the fans to connect with the  cyber celebrities in a filtered way. It  was the very first application that  released to hard code the cyber  celebrities REAL official pages into a  mobile application so that the fans  could easily connect to their idols.  Right now, the app is unavailable on  iTunes, but it is now being updated to  iOS9 and will return soon.

Mich Liggayu also released her own mobile  app called 'Mich Liggayu' app. It is an  app that will give you everything about  Mich. No more poser pages can be seen. It  will only show you the links to her  official and verified accounts. It is  available on iTunes and Google Play Store  now!

Mich is also having negotiations with the  local producers so that she could direct  her very first feature film. She is eager  to show the world what she has to offer  to the entertainment industry and create  more productive things that is worthy of  her attention to make every day an  exciting day.

Will Mich Liggayu succeed in winning our  hearts once again as a solo artist?  iDOLTap thinks so, as well as 100s of  1000s of her extremely supportive and  loving fans. Let’s watch as the Cyber  Princess Mich Liggayu transitions to her  rightful place as founder and Queen of  the cybers as we know them today. Let’s  give her our support because every door  she opens for herself is a door left open  for the cybers that will follow her for  years to come!

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