Miho Was Asked If She Loves Tommy? Find Out Her Answer Here!

When Tommy first came into the house, he was given a task, whereas Miho would help him solve the puzzle to be able to get inside the house. 

It seemed like the first meeting became love at first sight because as the days passed by, Tommy could not get her off of her mind. 

Since then, the two got closer and Tommy finally admitted that he had fallen in love with Miho. 

But Miho, hesitated because of the fact that she has an obligation who is her daughter Aimi. 

Now, after getting out of the house Miho was asked by a fan if he loves Tommy

For the first time Miho claimed that she had fallen in love with Tommy as well. A warm hug was given to her by Tommy for her answer!

Ano ang nararamdaman ni Miho para kay Tommy?
KILLER QUESTION: "Mahal mo na ba si Tommy?" Narito ang pasabog na sagot ni Miho. View the full episode of Showtime Online HERE http://bit.ly/1Ml44jW
Posted by Abs-Cbn on Monday, November 9, 2015

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