Miho And Tommy's Sweet Messages For Each Other! Watch this!

Miho was hailed as the Big Winner for the Pinoy Big Brother 737 Regular Housmates. She was the one chosen by the people to take home the prizes. They claim that she was true to everyone since the first day. 

But before the announcement of the winner, Miho and Tommy were sitting inside the house waiting for Toni to call out their name. 

As they were about to proclaim the winner, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano, the host of PBB asked Miho if there were any message that she would like to say to Tommy. She said that even if Tommy wins the show, she would be happy for her. 

Then it was Tommy's turn to give a message, he said that he was happy that they were both a part of the big 4. Tommy was holding Miho's hands throughout the period of announcing the winners.

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