Netizens Sparks Rage Towards Alma Moreno's Awkward Political Interview! MUST WATCH!

The elections for the National positions will be coming up soon. Distinguished media personnel and journalists are already making their interviews for the political candidates and their platforms for the country if ever they win a seat. 

One of the interviews that went viral over the social media sites, is the interview of Karen Davila to the actress-turned-politician Alma Moreno. 

Just like the any other interviews, it started off with simple questions until they reached the point where Karen asked her platforms for the government. 

The people had been making their comments about the awkward interview that happened between the two of them. 

Davila: If you won a Senate seat, what would be your advocacy in the Senate?
Moreno: More on sa kababaihan (women).
Davila: Like what?
Moreno: Boses ng kababaihan (the voice of women)… Magna Carta of Women…
Davila: But then the law exists already.
Moreno: Pero may mga bagay na di na-implement (There are things that have not yet been implemented).
Davila: Like what? I want to hear it.
Moreno: Teka muna (hold on).

Alma Moreno was obviously confused by her answers to Karen's questions. 

Watch the interview here the awkward situation starts at the 9:40 mark.

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