Pastillas Girl Finally Speaks Up About The Death Of Her Mother.

A tragic incident happened to the mother of Angelica Yap who is more known as 'Pastillas Girl'. Her mother was shot from behind by an unidentified gunman which ended her life. 

Now, Angelica spoke up about the death of her mother when she was interviewed by the ABS-CBN News team. 

She claims that she needed to rush home from an unfinished shoot for a music video after receiving some texts about the incident. 

Angelica got the chance to speak to her mother for the last time in the hospital where she her mother was brought to. 

She said that all she could say to her mother was how much she loves her and she kept saying sorry. 

The officials are still investigating about the incident. The wake of Angelica's mother would be at their house in Caloocan City. 

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