Pinay Midwife Turned Into Domestic Helper in Taiwan Was Bashed By Netizens.. Her Answer Will Surely Make Your Day!

A woman who switched her career from being a Midwife in the Philippines to a domestic helper in Taiwan was bashed by the narrow-minded people over the social media sites. 

The shift in terms of job from being a white collar to a blue collar was a bit hard to understand at first. But if you open your minds, you will see that the salary here in the Philippines is not enough to provide for the family. 

With the experience that she got after working for 10 years in Taiwan, Iries Jane Belton is proud to say to the world that she is a Domestic Helper. She claims that she could do whatever she wants, especially if it is a good thing for her and her family. She is not stealing anything from anyone. She also enjoys the financial aspect of the job and independence from her parents. 

Source: BuzzFlare

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