Another 'Private Hacker' Threatens To Publicize Maine's Nude Photos And Private Messages!

Due to the large number of followers that Maine Mendoza have on Twitter, her account was hacked for a purpose. 

On Monday, the group of Anonymous Philippines got a hold of Maine's Twitter to share the word for the Million Mask 2015. 

These hackers safely returned the account to the respectful owner. However, it became a threat to her as another private user and hacker which created an account under Mar Roxas' name delivers danger to the rising superstar. 

The 'hacker' said that he will be sharing the nude photos and private messages of Maine Mendoza on the social media sites. 

Photo Credit: BoyViral

He said that on November 5, he will be releasing these photos and messages. In the post, he also tagged the accounts of Rappler, ABS-CBN, Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards and Vice Ganda to gain the attention of the public. 

However, the AlDub Nation and AlDub Warriors are ready to defend their idol towards these hackers. 

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