They Yelled At Her For Giving A Coat To The Homeless. Her Response? The Best!

Veronika Scott had a brilliant way of helping the homeless people in their area. The innovative way includes a winter coat that would protect the homeless from the cold weather.

Veronika claims that the coat could be a sleeping bag at night. It could help the homeless people as they are sleeping in the cold night. 

However, the homeless people said to her that they did not need a coat. What they need is a job to support their needs. 

She knew that what the homeless person said was true. They did not need a temporary solution for their problem but a long term solution. 

Now, the factory of the coat that she used to give to the homeless recruits only the people from the homeless shelter. 

It was a huge impact towards the lives of these people. They were given a second chance to make things work in their lives.

Source: GAP

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