Story Of A Long Distance Relationship That Ended As The Most Heartbreaking Story!

Being in a long distance relationship is a difficult kind of love. It requires patience, understanding, a lot of adjustments, loyalty and faith among each other. 

In this unlikely situation, both of the couple should have the strength to conquer whatever happens in their relationship

Now, a story of a long distance relationship had been making rounds over the social media sites. It is the story of Rus and Lynn who needed to be strong as they face the difficult task of being in a long distance relationship. 

Screenshots of their conversations are spread out over the internet which shows the patience that they have shown towards each other to make everything work out. 

But not all love stories end with a happily ever after. Some stories are mend to end and there is nothing we can do about it. 

People claim that so much pain can be felt after reading the story of this couple.

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