A Stranger Stared At This Mother For Breastfeeding Her Son In A Public Place. Her Response Is Truly Impressive!

Breastfeeding is one of the natural ways that a mother could feed her children. Some people calls it a beauty of nature as the mother could provide food for her child. 

However, not all people are pleased to see a mother who is breastfeeding her baby in public places such as the restaurant and cafes. 

But why does it bother other people? 

A woman named Asley Kaidel was very upset when another woman rudely stared at her and her baby when she decided to breastfeed her baby inside the restaurant. 

The stranger shook her head as a sign that she was disapproving the act that the mother was doing. This caused Ashley to make a very interesting topic over the social media sites. 

It was a controversy that is worth reading and sharing. Her points will surely make you think twice of you thoughts about breastfeeding in public. 

Here is what she wrote:

Source: Ashley Kaidel

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