The Angel Of Death: Real-Life Hero Who Killed More Than 1, 500 ISIS Members! Amazing!

In movies, people always look forward to seeing the main character of the movies as they battle out the enemies even if it means facing them alone.

Admiration is the result of what you see when a person dedicates his life to making sure that the bad guys will be eliminated from this world.

A man named Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie is now hailed as a hero. He is not a character in a movie or a fictional story. He is a true hero also known as Abu Azrael or the Angel of Death as he had already eliminated more than 1,500 members of the militant group, ISIS.

From being a former PE Teacher he left the university to join the war. Many claims that he was also a highly trained Special forces veteran. He fought the American Soldiers back in the invasion of Iraq.

Ayyub is not bothered that the ISIS knows how he looks like or even if there is a prize placed on his head. These things are just becoming an inspiration to extinguish the militant group even more.

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