They Met Each Other Online And Was About To Get Married. Until They Saw This Picture That Changed Their Lives! Unbelievable!

Justin Ponders' world crashed when he lost his fiancee after she was murdered in 2012. He knew that his heart was so shattered into pieces that it would not beat for another woman again. 

His mother was deeply wounded with what happened to her son that she committed herself in finding a new inspiration and love for her son. 

After 2 years, Justin despite having hesitations claims that he wanted to try to sign up for It is where he found Amy Giberson. He was infatuated with her because her name was the same as the first crush that Justin had during preschool. 

After finding out that they both attended school at Sunshine preschool they were determined to find out about their past. 

Surprisingly, Justin's mother found a photo of Justin and her crush Amy, who appeared to be the same girl that he is dating now. 

Their love story took 30 years to finally happen.

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