He Decided To Throw Away Good Food Until This Homeless Man Suddenly Stopped Him!

There are a lot of people who wastes food every day but there are some who goes on a day without even eating a single meal. Sometimes what seems to be a trash for you could be a blessing for others who really have nothing to eat. 

A man named Kazim Ale decided to see what the reaction of this homeless man when he acted as if he was going to throw away good food in front of him. Just as he was about to drop the food, the homeless man stopped him and asked if he could keep his trash. 

When the homeless man saw what was inside the bag, he immediately gave thanks and praise to the Creator mouthing the words, 'Thank You, God, Thank You.'. 

The reaction of the homeless man who never lost his faith despite the situation that he is right now touched the heart of Kazim. He knew that he had to go back and give this deserving man something. 

Kazim went back to the homeless man gave him a shirt and money so that he could buy food for his next days. The man was crying because of the good deed that the stranger showed to him. He was touched by the happenings. 

Source: Kazim Ale

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