Tito Sen, Joey De Leon Offended People With Their Arab Costume For Halloween!

Usually when it comes to costumes used in a Halloween party people wear scary costumes such as witches, monsters, zombies, ghosts or characters. Most of the time the are using the scariest costumes of all time. 

Last Saturday, the Dabarkads of Eat Bulaga showed off their different and creative costumes as a celebration of the Halloween. 

But the netizens were unhappy with the costume that Tito Sen and Joey De Leon picked for themselves. 

They were dressed up as an Arab or Muslim. They wore a Hajj that the Arabs wear for their head. 

Some of the Muslims were offended by the act done by these two hosts. They claim that it is like saying that the Arabs and Muslims are scary people if you are using them as an inspiration for your Halloween Costume. 

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