Toni Gonzaga Wore A Wedding Gown During The PBB737 Big Night, Why? Find Out Her Reason Here!

The viewers who watched the Big Night of the Pinoy Big Brother 737 were stunned to see the actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga-Soriano wearing an elegant white gown during the celebration of the 10th Anniversary Night of the show. 

Toni looks classy and beautiful in her white gown. But the people are questioning her on why she decided to wear a wedding gown as she was hosting that event.

Photo Credit: Celestinegonzaga

Now, Toni Gonzaga finally explains why she was wearing a wedding gown. On her Instagram account, Toni claims, “Thank you @rosaclaraph! Yes, i wore a wedding gown for the big night of our 10th anniversary because for the past 10 years I was married to Pbb.. I gave my full commitment to the show.. But tonight, I ended the season closing it with Toni Gonzaga-Soriano signing off..” 

This is the first time that she signed off as a married woman after her long commitment to being the host of the show.

Source: Chisms

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