Vandolph Claims That Karen Davila Humiliated Alma Moreno!

When the interview of Karen Davila to Alma Moreno surfaced the internet, many people were bashing Alma for not being able to answer the questions that the journalist asked her.

The interview aims to know the platforms and the goals of the running politician for the Filipino people. Since Alma was running for the position of a senator, Karen asked her about the national issues such as the reproductive health bill.

Image Credit: Inquirer

However, Vandolph claims that the host Karen Davila humiliated his mother. He defended her saying, “Karen humiliated my mom on national TV. She kept pounding [on her]. She let my mom get rattled. My mom deserves to be respected because she is the chair of PCL (Philippine Councilors League), and she has been serving the country for so long. My mom is … [a person of] action and not just words. Some politicians are good speakers. They sweet-talk us to the point that they fool us and do corrupt things. My mom is not like them!”

Vandolph said that there was a difference with the way Karen treated Alma Moreno on the show from the other aspiring candidates.

Source: Inquirer

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