This Woman Went To The Police Station To File A Case.. But Watch Closely What The Policeman Was Doing!

As we grow old, we are taught that the policemen are the people that could help us in times that we need assistance. Their main duty is to serve the country and protect the people. 

But in a police station at Balibago Complex, a policeman was captured on a footage as he was too busy to handle a complaint. 

The 17-year old woman went into the police station to complain about the incident that happened to her. She was beaten by the sellers beside the mall when she was accused of being a thief. 

This became the drill for the sellers beside the mall. If they got mad or if you won't buy their products they will accuse you of stealing so that they would have a reason to beat you up. 

But unfortunately, this policeman was too busy using his cellphone as if he was playing a game. It may probably be Clash Of Clans. Is this how policemen work? The netizens claim that what he did was disrespectful. 

Source: Lee CaƱete

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