Zeus And Dawn's First Ever Dance Performance Outside The PBB House. MUST WATCH!

It is undeniable that Zeus Collins and Dawn Chang really has a great chemistry. Theor chemistry is indeed effortless. 

We can still recall that both of them became the most popular dancers online after they made their own dance cover of Love Me Like You Do inside the PBB House. A lot of people were impressed with their performance, they also claim that they really look good together.

And now that the PBB 737 is finally over, Zeus and Dawn were given a chance to dance in front of a huge crowd. 

This is their first ever dance performance outside the PBB House. 

Both of them showed sick moves. Despite that they had a problem inside the house, they still remained professional in terms of dancing. 

I must admit that their performance is indeed awesome. These two are truly impressive!

Sobrang Hot ng 1st Dance nila Dawn at Zues in the outside world!
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Source: Abs-Cbn

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