200-Year-Old Mummified Monk Is Still Alive! SHOCKING!

In Mongolia, a 200-year-old mummified monk who is sitting in a lotus position is on its way to becoming a real-life Buddha. 

According to Buddhist Monks and experts, this remains of a monk was said to be in deep-meditation as it is preparing to be transformed. 

Dr. Barry Kerzing said, ‘I had the privilege to take care of some meditators who were in a tukdam state.' 

Tukdam state is the position, whereas the body was using its energy to have a very deep spiritual state

The people used animal skin to preserve the state of this mummy. They particularly used cattle skin and covered it. 

But there are claims that the preserved monk was stolen from another country who was about to sell it off. A man from Ulaanbatar was reported to have hidden the body and plans to sell it on the black market.

Source: 4AmazingThings, EliteNewsfeed

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