24-Year-Old Policewoman Saves The Day By Stopping A Hold-Up Heist In A Bus!

A 24-year old policewoman saved the day as she stopped arrested a member of the hold-up gang who declared a heist in Cubao inside the bus. 

It was the evening of Tuesday, PO1 Judy Ann De Villa was on her way home from her duty as a Navotas Police's special patrol unit. She rode a Cher Bus bound to Makati. 

Three men rode the bus near the Samson College along EDSA. A total of 15 people were on board that night. 

When the bus was in Cubao, a commando gang member named Juanito 'Yoyoy' Arsenio, 39 declared a heist and  forcibly grabbed the bag of a woman who was seated across him. He was holding a handgun and was pointing it to the victim. 

De Villa had a call of duty, she asked Arsenio to give up after introducing that she was a policewoman. But the man refused to, instead he jumped out of the bus with the bag. 

After jumping out of the bus, the man ran as fast as he could but De Villa was able to corner him and fired a gunshot which hit the butt of Arsenio.

Her superior commended her for her bravery to respond in that situation.

Source: Inquirer

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