8 Important Uses Of Baking Soda That Will Give You The Best Results From Head To Toe!

Baking Soda is known as a major ingredient, when it comes to baking. It helps out make the best results that we could possibly have.

But did you know that there is more to it than just simply being an ingredient in the kitchen that someone would grab if they only needed to.

These are the following uses of baking soda that could help the human body as well.

Fights Acne
Baking Soda is mixed with lemon juice to create a paste that could be applied to where the acne is. For better results, you need to use it at night.

Teeth Whitener
Salt and Baking Soda is needed to be mixed with the toothpaste to help whiten the teeth. By gargling the baking soda mixed with water, bad breath could be prevented.

Soothing the feet
It relaxes and removes the dead skin cells. A mixture could be created with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and water in a basin where you could soak your feet.

Hand softener
Make a paste by mixing the water and baking soda together and apply it on both hands to remove dead skin cells

Elbow and Knee Moisturizer
All you need to do is to massage the baking soda to these parts to remove the rough edges.

Hair Cleanser
One tablespoon of baking soda is to be mixed with the preferred shampoo then apply it as usual.

Skin Exfoliator
1 spoon water and 3 spoons of baking soda is mixed to create a mixture then it needed to be rinsed.

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