9 Sleeping Positions That Reveal Your Personality

9 Sleeping Positions That Reveal Your Personality

There are several sleeping positions that would tell your personality. This is based on research done by the experts. 

People say that these positions are just how they get used to in sleeping but in reality this is a way to determine the personality of the person. 

Fetal position
A position whereas the person is sleeping sideways with their legs curled up in front. These people have a tough appearance yet on the inside lies a very shy and sensitive person. 

Also in the sideward position but this time the arms are stretched out in front. They are the inviting and open people. They have slow mind when it comes to decision making but sticks with their decision. 

Log Position
These people lay down sidewards there legs and arms are pointing straight down. They are known to be the sociable people, very trusting and gullible. 

Soldier-like position
This is when you sleep on your back and the arms and legs are down. Being serious and structured is their attribute. 

This is when the person is sleeping on their stomach, is turned sideways and the hands are near the pillow. Sociable people, nervous on the inside and is sensitive to criticisms. 

The legs and arms are widely opened while sleeping on their back. They are known to be loyal friends and loves to listen to the problem of others. 

They sleep on their backs but they don't keep the position of a soldier and starfish. Experts claim that they are flexible and is easily persuaded by the society. 

Pillow Hugger
Like the fetal position, but this time they are hugging a pillow. They are people pleasers. 

This may not be a sleeping position, but it says something about your personality. They tend to live the moment to the fullest. 

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