Anne Curtis' Secret About Her Legs Exposed by Teddy! Hilarious Video!

Anne Curtis has been the angel on the noontime show, It's Showtime. Not only for her remarkable skills in hosting, but also for the kind heart that she has towards the fans. 

But did you know that Anne Curtis has a little secret? We may not see it on our television screens, but her co-host Teddy Corpuz documented all of the instances that she has done this act. 

Teddy always catches Anne Curtis as she was shaking her legs or making the 'kuyakoy' move. As seen on the video, she often does it when she's sitting looking at her phone. 

For all the people who doesn't know the term Kuyakoy, it can be described as the simple movement of the legs by swinging it. 

Like a television series, Teddy was able to film several episodes of 'Kuyakoy Queen's moves'. 

Some claims that this might have been something that Anne Curtis have gone used to, it became one of her mannerisms that she could not simply remove from her personality. 

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