Billy Crawford Pulls Down The Pants Of Vice Ganda! Priceless!

After Billy Crawford became a part of the Showtime family, the hosts became more tight because they have treated each other as best friends. 

They have been in each other's side in every step that they can. Whether it is good or bad, they are beside each other helping and supporting one another. 

But in every circle of friends the pranks and trips could not be taken away, there are some that like to make fun of others. 

That is what Billy did when he fooled Vice Ganda. Vhong Navarro was the one filming the whole scenario. Billy was behind Vice Ganda during their rehearsals, then he suddenly pulled down the pants of the comedian. 

Vice got down on his knees trying to cover up his legs. He was in complete shock after that incident. The prank got a thumbs up from Vhong Navarro as a sign that it is a job well done. 

Source: ExtremeReadersYouTube

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