The Boss Yelled At Him On The First Day Of His Work, How He Responded Was Priceless!

They often say that it is harder to find a good boss rather than a good job. Somehow, it is true. There are times that the compensation is competitive but the boss is like a dictator that often scolds you. 

But what would you do if your boss yelled at you, which caused you to be humiliated? 

There are many bosses who are like the son of Satan which scares the employees out. It makes them be conscious in every single thing that they do. 

It is a duty of the employees to work hard to please the boss. No matter how big or small the mistake of the employees may be, they should not always be yelling at people in places. 

This story will surely make you want to stand and give this employee a round of applause because of the mesmerizing answer that he came up with after his boss pointed out his mistake. 

Here is the story:

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