Boyfriend Bought His GF Sanitary Pad And Placed A Note, What The Note Said Was Really Hilarious!

The menstrual period is one of the most difficult times for women. It is dubbed as the 'red tide' which men hates because of the fact that girls tend to be emotional and moody during these times. 

But what if your girlfriend needs your help to buy her napkins? Most men would not do it because it is embarrassing for them. 

But one boyfriend made sure that her girl got what she wanted. He took the courage to go to the store and buy her 'Modess Cottony Soft' and attached a sweet note to make her feel special. 

Towards the end of the letter he admitted that he did know how the pads work. He said that he bought the one that says with wings because it sounded better that the non-wing pads. 

This is truly a gesture that women would love to see from their boyfriend.

Source: WhenInManila

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