WATCH: Catholic Priest Conducts Mass While Riding A Hoverboard Goes Viral!

In line with the fast growing world of technology, innovative ways to save time and effort are being developed every now and then. Few examples of these technologies are the smart phones, tablets and Smart Tvs. But aside from those easy to use gadgets, there are some that are made for easier ways of transportation like the hoverboard

This device is not only enjoyable to use, it also saves time and energy because you only needed to stand on the device to make it move. 

Most of the people using it are kids or teens that wanted to have fun. But in this video, this priest is the least expected person to use the hoverboard

While conducting his Catholic Mass, the priest was riding the hoverboard as he was travelling around the church.

It seemed as if he was having fun in that little device. 

Source: YouTube

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