This Couple Decided To Give This Stranger A Car After Seeing Him Walking Home Alone! Truly Admiring!

The Christmas season is a reminder for us to be grateful of the things that we got all throughout the year. It is also the time where the people are giving out presents to others as a sign that we appreciate their existence in this world. 

We often give gifts to the people that we love such as our families and friends. But there are some people who were kind enough to give presents to those people who need it the most. 

Sean Merril and his wife Darilyn were on their way home when they passed by an old man who had a lunch box in his hand. He was the school caretaker named Robert Ford. It takes the man two and a half hours to commute from their home to get to his work. The same amount of time is consumed when he goes back home. 

When he misses the bus, he needs to walk a long distance. The couple was affected by how dedicated this man is to provide for his family. So they agreed on giving him a wonderful present that would be helpful for him. 

They surprised him with a new car which came from more than 30 people. The man could not help but cry because of the happiness that he is feeling. Sometimes the feeling of giving is better than receiving. 

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