After Criticizing Duterte's Morals, Gab Valenciano Was Told: Your Father Is Not As Clean Either!

Ever since the son of Gary Valenciano, Gabriel, posted his insights about the womanizing of Mayor Duterte, the supporters of the Davao City Mayor had been bashing Gab Valenciano. 

Not all people agree with the opinions that he pointed out. Now, an open letter was created for him pertaining to the 'mistakes' that his father made when he was still 19 years old. 

The person who created the letter claims that Gary V had instances of infidelity as well when he had a relationship with Felichi Pangilinan and got her sister pregnant which happened to be Gab's mother. 

The aim of the letter is to make him realize that before judging other people make sure that there are no hidden stories first. They also pointed out that they loved Gary V for his great voice, not because he was once a womanizer. 

But this post only made the conversation heat up, Gabriel Valenciano once again commented on the said post. Here is what he has to say:

Source: Irene Kelly

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