Daughter's Toys Kept Missing Every Night, They Set Up A Camera, And Caught This! UNBELIEVABLE!

The eight-year-old daughter of Joanne Moser claims that her toys were being stolen every night. The mother finds this case hilarious since she knows that a robber has not been inside the house. 

But the claims of the daughter were consistent in fact, she was giving her proof of the certain toys that have been taken away from her room. 

Joanne knew that she had to solve this mystery. The next thing she knows is that she got the old family camcorder and placed it in front of her daughter's room. 

What they had found out when they placed the camera outside the room was stunning. The younger son of Joanne was the suspect behind the missing toys. 

Even though the door of his sister was locked, he knew how he could open it by using fingernail clippers. 

He seemed like a young bandit that has a mission of stealing all the precious toys of his sister. 

Source: Diply

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