Dismayed Service Crew Blamed Luis And Billy For Losing His Job!

One of the Instagram follower of the actress Angel Locsin blames his boyfriend, Luis Manzano and his best friend Billy Crawford from losing his job. The follower was named Cris Silao who used the social media to express his dismay over the incident involving the actors resulting in losing his job. 

He posted the story and his anger in the comment section of Angel Locsin's account. 

According to this guy, he was treated badly by the actors for he have not cooked their steak in the manner that they wanted. He claims that these actors demanded the owner of the restaurant to fire him or else, they would be forced to have the restaurant be closed. 

The whole post of the man is available here, you better read this out:

The actress then replied in defense of her boyfriend, Angel claims that Luis never stepped on anyone and that is the best thing that Angel loves about him. He always respects everyone. 

Luis also took the time to answer the issue. He said that Billy and him never went out to eat a steak together. They had not been hanging out for quite some time now. 

According to the actor, this might be another way of the haters to put them down. He also said that you should know the facts before you believe in the things that you read online.

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