Duterte Answers Catholic Church Officials Saying: 'Don't Make Me Spill Your Dirty Secrets!'

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte reacted to the criticisms of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines over the issue of his cursing over to Pope Francis. 

Duterte claims that the priests should not make it a big deal since they are not clean themselves. 

“I said I would not die if I do not become president. If you want I will withdraw then I will challenge you to a debate tomorrow where I will tell everything about the sad story of the Roman Catholic way here.” Duterte said. 

He said that he will be forced to speak up about the abuses towards minors that took place in Ateneo years back. It happened to him and his classmate as well. 

Duterte even said that the priests should clean first the errors of their own priests and church officials saying, “How come the priests with cases, those who are married, with children, how come you could not criticize yourselves?"

Source: KickerDaily

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