Duterte Said To Roxas: Don't Aim For The Presidential Position If You Are Afraid To Kill Criminal!

The people had known Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a politician who is not afraid to tell the world how he really feels about the things. 

Mayor Duterte admitted that he have slain several criminals who have done something that ended their lives. 

“My advice to Mar, if you want to become an effective president, then you should not be afraid to die or kill. If you’re afraid of dying or killing, then just don’t run for president,” Duterte exclaimed. 

He claims that it is not good for a president to just sit and roam around while the country is filled with criminals. 

His goal was to eliminate the crime in the Philippines and to stop the corruption. 

Despite the fact that he is facing criticisms towards his goals for the country, he still speaks his mind.

Source: KickerDaily 

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